About the blog

Hello all, Welcome to EatPlaynRepeat! I am Suganya, curator of this blog. Being a mother of 4 year old twin boys, am always on the lookout to try out new recipes in kitchen and kids engagement.

This blog is intended to disperse that information in a simple, illustrative and a detailed web page so you can get fresh answers to the ubiquitous what-is-for-dinner question (or lunch/breakfast for that matter). Be it spicy Chutneys, soft Idlis, crispy Dosas, piping hot sambars, healthy rasams, (no adjective can justify) Biriyanis. I have always felt that each home has their own twist and flavor and I wanted to share ours. I also love sweets – cakes and desserts in general and love popping things into the oven. With three boys in the house, the muffins, biscuits, tea cakes and definitely the sweets do a disappearing act within a day after they are made. I like trying out different cuisines and don’t usually repeat the same item for at least two weeks. Variety is very important to me 😀 I will share the recipes as and when I try them. Be on the lookout!

Coming to the Play part! In these all-digital times, with young kids, the biggest question I always have is how do I take them away from their screen time without turning our home into a raucous battleground. I have shared some ideas starting with simple ones that almost all of us would have tried when we were young to a few that we might not have. Again, I think variety is important in play as well. Kids would loose interest if we make them do crafts all the time or make them play a same game again and again! Especially with kids’ low attention span, we need to come up with something exciting to keep them hooked. Be it a new craft, painting activity or simple science experiments, I would do one thing at a day so that I won’t run out of ideas 😉 I also make some new toys from recycled materials for them to play with. Since my kids are Pre-schoolers, most of my posts will be appropriate for 2-5 year olds. But I will share ideas/activities for the kids of other age-group as well whenever I could think of any.

Now, Painting!! Painting/Drawing has been my passion since childhood. I am a very amateur artist. I have started doing canvas painting with acrylic paints a few years back and have just started exploring oil paints! I wanted to share my paintings and my experiences.

Other than the above mentioned, one more thing I love to do is traveling! Me and my husband both love to travel and we have had the opportunity to travel around many places in India. We have visited a few countries as well. Being Foodies, we try out the local cuisine wherever we go. It would be a main part of our tour 😉

Last but not the least, I am not a Professional or an Expert in any of the above categories, everything I share here are just tried and tested by me. Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram @Eatplaynrepeat. Thank you for your support and patience. Stay tuned!

Feel free to explore, try and definitely share your ideas/feedback in the comments. There is always room for improvement.