Cardboard Carrom Board

Carrom board is a famous board game in India and almost all the households have one! It is a good family fun game. It’s hard to get carrom boards in US.So, I just thought of making this mini-cardboard carrom board for my kids 🙂

The flicking of the coins in a carrom board using fingers helps kids in their fine motor skills. Targeting the coins in the pocket helps in hand-eye coordination and also improves focus and attention.

This Cardboard carrom board here is made completely out of recycled materials. I have used the wire onion bags for the pockets and used bottle caps for the coins. This one here is not suitable for sophisticated players 😛 But works just enough for the younger champions to practice!

Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Mesh or Wired Onion/Potato bags
  • Bottle caps
  • Glue gun/Strong glue


  • Cut out a square piece of a cardboard and some smaller cardboard cut along the length of the main square piece.
  • Now, cut out four circular holes around the four corners of the big cardboard piece for the pockets.
  • Glue the smaller cardboard pieces around the four sides of the big piece like a border.
  • Now, cut out 4 small circular pieces from the onion bag and glue them on the backside of the board covering the four pockets.
  • I have just stuck a piece of white paper in the middle of the board and drew lines just like a real carrom board.
  • Two different bottle caps are used for the two players. Use your finger as a striker or have a separate bottle cap as the striker.
  • There are no hard and fast rules here! The Only rule is to have fun 🙂
  • It’s totally your game and your rules!! 😀 Enjoy

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