Cardboard Dragon Costume

I love making toys from recycled materials. It is not only economical but also brings out the creator in you. It provides you with innumerable choices that can altered to suit our needs and interests. Personally, I don’t like investing money in kid’s toys. Mainly because I have not seen them play with a toy for more than a week or two. It gets thrown in the corner until further rescue! However costlier the toy is, it’s life span and attraction lasts a very minimal time. So, why waste your money, right? At least, while you make some toys with recycled materials you get some satisfaction and give yourself some credit 😀

Coming to the Dragon costume, it was my kids’ choice to make one. They gave me some ‘must-have’ attributes for the dragon 😀 Under their constant super-vision and in-between all the fights, it took about 2 hrs for me. But it actually is very simple to make and could be done by an hour if given some peace of mind! I wanted the dragons to flapping wings. I had to think it through. But it worked perfectly for my little dragons and they really enjoyed this additional feature. Let’s see how to make one..

Materials needed:

  • 1 big cardboard box, 2-3 small cardboard boxes
  • Craft knife
  • Glue gun/ Strong glue
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Paper and paint for drawing dragon’s eyes.


  • You need one big cardoard box to make the dragon’s body and one small one that would go as the dragon’s head. You need some additional cardboard boxes to cut out the wings, tail and the spikes.
  • First cut out one hole in the bigger cardboard to fit your kid’s head and two smaller holes on the sides for the hands. Try it on the kids and make sure it fits before proceeding.
  • Cut out two wings and a tail from the remaining cardboard. Make tiny triangles for the spikes. Glue the spikes to the back of the dragon’s head, body and tail.
  • Attach a small strip of cloth or string on the back side of the wings that could be used for inserting the hands.
  • Now, attache the wings on either of the bigger cardboard. I have used a thread to do it as it will be more durable than the glue. Attach the tail the same way.
  • Draw dragon’s eyes and paint them. Cut and paste it on the dragon.
  • Make very small triangles from the cardboard and glue them for the dragon’s teeth.
  • That’s it!! Your Cardboard dragon costume is all set for your little dragons to try on 🙂

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