Chicken Kurma

Every sunday morning we would have chicken kurma with idli/dosa/poori. It’s kind of mandatory at my house 😀 This Chicken Kurma recipe is derived from my mom’s version of it. The kurma base works very well with vegetables too and can easily be made into a Veg kurma. The recipe is pretty straight-forward demanding very …

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Thalapakatti Chicken Biriyani/Seeraga Samba Biriyani

Biriyani is not a word, it’s an emotion!! 😀 Biriyani has become an inevitable part of our lives. Be it a usual weekend lunch, friend’s treat, colleague’s treat.. whatever we just need a reason to hog biriyanis. Well, who said there should be a reason?! We can have biriyanis whenever we want to! It’s our …

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