Coconut Shell Animal/Recycled craft

My dad reads newspaper everyday. We used to get ‘Dinamalar’ – a tamil daily. On fridays, the newspaper comes with a supplementary book called ‘Siruvar malar’ which is the kids’ special. Fridays have been my most favorite ( Even now! For obvious reasons :-D). I run home in the evening to get hold of this book and I will finish it from cover to cover in an hour. One of my favorite segments in that book is ‘Seidhu parungal'(Do it yourself), in which they provide some easy craft work to do. I try to do the crafts with utmost sincerity and feel soooo happy if I could complete it. The reason I am telling you all of this is, this coconut shell craft is something I made in my 5th grade from that book 😀 For some strange reason, I remember only this craft and nothing else from that period. It brings back so many nostalgic memories!

Coming to the craft, as you can see it is very very simple and needs just 2 materials. A coconut shell and some paper for cutting out eyes, ears and nose for the animal.

When I made this some eons ago, the animal was fox. I remember that much. But when I did this with my kids, it kind of looked like a mouse or a rat. Still wondering why 😛 But nevertheless, it still looked liked an animal! Fuel your imagination!! 🙂

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