Father’s Day Crafts

“Whenever I find myself in a little bit of trouble, you have always come to my rescue like my own personal super-hero. Thank you for always being there for me Dad!” – Anonymous.

I am sure all of us would have felt this in our lives at one point or another if not always. Dads are always our Superheroes no matter how old we are. It is without doubt in case of kids. No matter how much ever mom loves them, they still think Dads are cool 0_0

As my duty as a mom, I wanted my kids to make something special to present to their dad on Father’s day! Here are the few things that we did.

Salt Dough Keepsake

T-shirt Greeting Card

Dad’s secret stach:

You can create a gift bag with all of dad’s favorite snacks or chocolates and give it to dad on his special day. I am very sure that the dads will enjoy this gift more than anything 😀

Super-dad and sidekicks masks and T-shirt:

I wanted to create a Super Dad and Sidekicks Cape and mask for the kids and my husband. But I could only make the masks this time. If you have fabric paint, you can paint any of your kid’s and husband’s old t-shirts with your favorite quotes. The fabric paint will last longer. If you don’t have them on hand, you can use acrylic paint instead. But it will wear off after one or two washes.

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