How to make Butter in a jar/Homemade Butter

This is a crazy experiment that we did last week 😀 You will know why it’s crazy when you finish reading. I have seen this experiment being common in many websites under kid’s science. The instructions were pretty simple. Just add cream in a jar, close and shake well until it turns into butter 😀 I thought, ‘ok, no experiment can be simpler than this and let’s try it!. Moreover, we are making homemade butter here and it’s definitely not going to go as waste.’

The problem here is, none of those websites mentioned how long it is going to take! I thought may be 10-15 mins?! After some crazy, vigorous shaking, I had to take over from my kids. Some more shaking and I passed the baton(jar) to my husband and he did his best 😛 Then, we all took turns! A hour passed, and my husband declared,’It’s not going to happen, let’s please stop’ 😀 After so much effort and time, I didn’t want to give up. I did the last 15 mins and finally we got our butter!! Phew!! It took us 1.25 hour to turn heavy cream into butter!! Can you believe that??

It actually turned out to be a whole family arms workout 😀 That’s a good thing, right! Especially at a time when we cannot go to gyms 😛 The end result is that the experiment worked and worked us too! But it worked and the butter was delicious. I think the time it took had to do with the amount of cream added as well. I became over-enthusiastic and added a cup of cream which was half the bottle size. If you start with a lesser amount, may be the workout time will be less. That is my theory, of course.

If you are as crazy as we are and ready for a nice workout, proceed with the experiment 😀

Materials needed:

  • Heavy whipping cream – 1/2 cup or less
  • Clear glass jar – 1


  • Add the cream in to a glass jar and put on the lid. Close tightly.
  • Start shaking the bottle. After about 15 mins, we got whipped cream. Open the bottle, show the kids the consistency and do a taste check.
  • After another 20-30 mins of shaking, the cream will curdle and become buttermilk. You can rest in between and resume whenever you are ready! It doesn’t alter the process.
  • In the next 25 mins or so, you should be able to see the butter being formed and the whole mixture turns in to one solid mass. Tada! We got our butter!!
  • Now, slather it on a toast and enjoy the fruits of your labor!! 😀
– The butter can be kept refrigerated for up to a week. Do not keep longer than that.
– If you have a lot of butter that you cannot use within a week, make ghee from it.

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