Make your own Rainbow/Rainbow experiment

Rainbows instantly lifts our spirits up and bring out the inner child in us! The joy is manifold for kids and they cannot get enough of the rainbows.

But what to do if cannot see our beloved rainbow as often as we want to? How about we make one for oursleves with this easy science experiment?! Just a small simple rainbow 🙂 Just for you!!

We tried re-creating a rainbow in our backyard and it worked so well. You just need 3 things:

  1. A glass bowl half-filled with water
  2. A mirror
  3. And of course, Sunlight

Science behind Rainbows :

Rainbows are formed when sunlight hits the water droplets in the sky at a particular angle and the dispersion of colors. You can see more detailed explanations here :

For our rainbow, we also try to recreate the conditions necessary for it. You need nice and bright sunlight. So, choose a sunny day for your experiment.

Instructions :

  1. Set the glass bowl half-filled with water at a place where the sun is directly opposite to it.
  2. Now, immerse the mirror in the water facing the sun.
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  1. Adjust the angle of your mirror focusing it on a slightly darker side of a wall and you should be able to see a beautiful rainbow in front of you!! Ta-da!! Your very own personal rainbow 😀 You need to keep adjusting the mirror until you see a rainbow.
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My kids were so delighted to see the rainbow! Totally priceless!! I can hardly contain myself 😀

As soon as we are done with this experiment, I made them do a Rainbow craft

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