Volcano Experiment/Make your own Volcano

I haven’t been to a Science Fair that didn’t have a Volcano experiment. It’s like a mandatory thing in a Science Fair. But it never fails to awe the audience especially those who see it for the first time. The bubbling foamy eruption with all effects always steals the show! In my school days, though I have seen it a plenty of times, I didn’t get the opportunity to make one myself. So, I planned to do this experiment with my kids( Better late than never right ;-))

I didn’t know how simple it is until I made one. If your kids are old enough, you can ask them to do this experiment by themselves under your supervision.

Materials needed:

Vinegar1 cup
Dish soap1/4 cup
Water1/4 cup
Red Food coloring3-4 drops
Baking soda2 tbsp
Model volcano/Plastic bottle1


Building your model volcano is the first step. You can build as big as you want.

I wanted to keep things simple. So, didn’t build a big volcano. Instead I made one out an egg carton. Honestly, I wanted to do this experiment only after seeing the egg carton. All I could see was a volcano 😀

I made the kids color these mini-volcanoes to make them more realistic.

Then add the water,dish soap, baking soda and red food coloring in a bowl and keep it aside. Now, depending on the size of the volcano that you built, choose a plastic bottle/container that would fit inside your volcano. Fill the container until it is 2/3rd full. I have used a bubbles container to fit in my mini-volcano.

It is better to do this experiment outdoors like a patio or a balcony where cleaning up is easier. I have placed a baking tray underneath for easier and mess free cleaning. Now, place your model volcano on top of the container filled with baking soda solution.

Now slowly add the vinegar into your volcano, the eruptions will start and you can see the lava bubbling up and flowing down! 😀 Since this is a teeny tiny volcano and the container is also so small, the eruptions were smaller as well. So, I just poured the remaining of the baking soda mixture in a bigger plastic bottle and carried on the experiment again. This time the lava eruptions were more and long lasting.

If you are interested in seeing the difference between the two eruptions, please refer the Instagram link below where I have posted the videos https://www.instagram.com/p/B_1SBdSgqMg/?igshid=vfuo1p0m0qys

Have fun with your experiment!!

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